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1.0um High Power Single Frequency Fiber Laser

Product Description:

The 1.0um high-power single frequency fiber laser is featured with low noise and narrow linewidth. It is based on the self-developed single frequency laser basic module of Connet Laser. The high power output is achieved by multi-stage amplification and the maximum power can be up to 50W.


The 1.0um high power single frequency fiber laser of Connet Laser employs the optimized optical path to realize high power output and suppress the nonlinear effects in the fiber effectively and obtain the near diffraction-limited beam quality at the same time.


The 1.0um single frequency fiber laser is with 50W max output power and the other output power can be customized. The center wavelength can be chosen freely in the 1000-1200nm range such as 1018nm, 1030nm, 1053nm and 1083nm, etc.

• Ultra-narrow linewidth 
• Stable single frequency & single polarization operation
• No mode-hopping, No out-bursting noise

• Low phase and intensity noise
• Flexible design, various wavelengths optional

• PM output, high PER


• Fiber optical sensing
• Atom trapping
• Laser spectroscopy
• Wavelength references
• Research & development


Parameter Unit Specification
Part No. VFLS-10-1-SF VFLS-10-5-SF VFLS-10-10-SF VFLS-10-20-SF
Center Wavelength1 nm 1040~1090nm
Output Power2 W 1 5 10 20
Output Laser Type CW, Single frequency & Single polarization
Beam Quality M2 <1.2
Linewidth(FWHM) kHz <100
Side Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR) dB 40
Phase Noise uRad/rt(Hz) 30
RIN dBC/Hz -120
Output Polarization Type Linear polarization
Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER) dB 18 15
Output Power Stability (15min) % ±1
Output Power Stability (8hours) % ±2
Output Light Isolation dB 35
Output Power Tunable Range % 10~100
Operating Temperature 0~+35
Storage Temperature -40~+85
Power Supply VAC 100~240
Output Fiber Type  PLMA
Output Fiber Length m > 0.5
Optical Connectors FC/APC or Collimator
19”2U 19”3U

1. The center wavelength is selectable within the specified range. Other wavelengths are available. 

2. Typical output power is 1W, 2W, or 10W.                                                   

3. Lorentzian line shape with optical delay of 120us.

Ordering Information:
1xxx: Wavelength in nm, standard wavelengths: 1064nm, 1018nm, 1030nm, 1053nm and 1083nm etc.
B: Benchtop
PW: Output power in W, example: 1-1W, 50-50W


The output power may be different in various wavelengths. Please contact us with the specific requirements.

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