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1.5um Single Frequency Fiber Laser


The 1.5um single frequency fiber laser of Connet Laser is a low noise fiber laser independently developed by patented technology. Connet Laser uses all-fiber ring cavity to realize stable linear polarization, single longitudinal mode and ultra-narrow single-frequency laser output. It is widely used in optical sensing field, such as oil and gas prospecting, submarine reconnaissance, and wind LIDAR, etc.
The module package, the bentchtop type and the high power version of 1.5um single frequency fiber lasers are available to meet different applications.

Single Frequency Fiber Laser Basic Module
Modular design with compact structure and maintenance-free. It is suitable for system integration. Output power is about 5-10mW.

Benchtop Single Frequency Fiber Laser

Turn-key system, easy operation and fits for lab and scientific research. Output power can reach 200mW.

High Power Single Frequency Fiber Laser

It is suitable for some applications demanding more optical power. Output power can reach 10W.

Connet Laser can provide the customized wavelengths for customers. The selectable wavelength range is from 1535nm to 1575nm, such as the standard wavelength in the framework of ITU.