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As a high accurate, fast and efficient detection technology, LiDAR is applied in more and more fields. With the emission source of pulsed fiber laser, it can get related information of the detection targets such as distance, 3D imaging, physical status and chemical constitution by analyzing the reflected light. It is widely applied in the fields of range finding, 3D scanning, target detection, wind-speed measurement and environmental monitoring, etc. LiDAR in different applied fields needs all kinds of pulsed fiber lasers to meet different requirements. Connet Laser can provide 1.0um and 1.5um series of pulsed fiber lasers to meet different application needs.

1.0um Pulsed Fiber Laser:

Modularized package, work in short pulse width (3-50ns). Connet laser can provide a variety of products with different peak powers (10kw max) and single pulse powers to meet different requirements.

1.5um Pulsed Fiber Laser:

Eye-safe wavelength, modularized package. The peak power can reach 10kw for short pulse fiber laser (3-50ns), and it can be applied in range finding and 3D scanning, etc. For long pulse fiber laser (200-400ns), the max single pulse energy can reach 250uJ and it can be applied in Doppler wind measurement.

Connet Laser has powerful design capacity and extensive development experience, thus, we can provide the customized products to meet specifical requirements.