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CoSF-R Optimized Ring Cavity Single Frequency Fiber Laser


Connet CoSF-R optimized traveling wave cavity ultra-narrow linewidth single-frequency fiber laser is a low-noise ultra-narrow linewidth fiber laser independently developed by patented technology. CoSF-R single-frequency fiber laser uses a unique "optimized traveling wave cavity" The design eliminates the standing wave space hole burning phenomenon which is easy to occur in the linear cavity fiber laser. In conjunction with the ultra-narrow bandwidth fiber filter designed by Connet, the single longitudinal mode output is selected and the single frequency operation of the fiber laser is guaranteed. The polarization control technology eliminates the polarization hole burning effect based on the all-fiber design, thereby achieving stable linear polarization, single longitudinal mode, and ultra-narrow linewidth single-frequency laser output.

CoSF-R ultra-narrow linewidth single-frequency fiber laser has excellent performance, the linewidth is less than 1kHz, and has ultra-low phase noise and frequency noise. The ultra-long laser cavity design makes the overall noise level of CoSF-R significantly lower than other commercial short-cavity single frequency lasers.