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Connet Laser launched new generation CoLID series mini pulsed fiber laser for LiDAR

Time:2016.03.02    Source: Connet Laser     Author:Connet Laser

Connet Laser successfully launched new generation CoLID series mini pulsed fiber laser for LiDAR recently. The applications include range finding, telemetry, 3D scanning and obstacle detection, etc. The comprehensive technical index of this product reaches the highest level of the international similar products.


Connet Laser CoLID series mini pulsed fiber laser for LiDAR adopts disc type modularized package with the dimension of φ90x23.5mm (DxH). It is more suitable for the LiDAR system integration which has demanding size requirements in such application fields. It is a high efficient laser source based on eye-safe wavelength. Benefited from rich experience of Connet Laser on pulse generating, pulse shaping, and the multi-staged optical fiber amplifier fields, CoLID series pulsed fiber laser can produce the pulse output with high peak power and good beam quality, and better than other similar products in the market. With the integration design and Connet Laser’s unique fiber packaging technology, CoLID series pulsed fiber laser source has excellent abilities of anti-vibration and continuous shock resistant. Good beam quality of CoLID series pulsed fiber laser source can allow LiDAR achieve high resolution imaging technology, minimize the lost of light signal furthest and improve the detection ability of system.



  • Small size and compact package: φ90x23.5mm (DxH)

  • Operating temperature: -35~ +65℃

  • Eye-safe wavelength: 1550nm

  • Pulse peak power can reach 10kW

  • Pulse width: 0.5-200ns

  • Pulse repetition rate : 1kHz-1MHz

  • Energy per pulse can reach 30uJ

  • Average power beyond 1W

  • 12V DC power supply, low consumption: <20W

  • Pulse output by external TTL trigger signal

  • Beam quality: M2<1.1

  • FC/APC or collimator termination



  • LiDAR

  • Range finding

  • Telemetry

  • 3D scanning

  • Metrology and pollution detection

  • Other scientific research