1.0um CoSF-D Narrow Linewidth Single Frequency Fiber Laser

Connet CoSF-D narrow linewidth single frequency fiber laser is a low-noise fiber laser independently developed by patented technology. It adopts the Distributed Feedback Bragg Grating (DFB) type fiber laser technology and has independent intellectual property to achieve stable linear polarization, single longitudinal mode and ultra-narrow linewidth single-frequency laser output. The unique Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) suppression technique guarantees the low noise operation of the CoSF-D narrow linewidth single frequency fiber laser.

The CoSF-D narrow linewidth single frequency fiber laser of Connet has excellent performance with the output optical spectrum linewidth of kHz level and the ultra-low frequency noise and intensity noise. The output OSNR can be up to 50dB or more. 

The 1.0um CoSF-D narrow linewidth single frequency fiber laser uses the main oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) structure design. Based on CoSF-D basic module and Integrated cascaded low noise fiber amplifier, the output power can be up to 100mW. Other higher output power can be provided as required. The cernter wavelength can be freely selected in the range of 1010nm to 1120nm, such us 1018nm, 1030nm, 1053nm, 1064nm and 1083nm, etc.


● Ultra-narrow linewidth < 20kHz

● Stable Single-frequency & Single-polarization Operation

● No mode hopping, No burst noise

● Low phase noise, Low relative intensity noise

● Flexible design, multiple wavelengths optional

● Linear polarization output, high PER


● Optical fiber sensing


● Cold atom physics

● Laser spectroscopy

● Coherent communication

● Other scientific research


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