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1064nm Picosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser

Product Description:

Connet 1064nm picosecond pulsed fiber laser adopts the all-fiber design and is an all polarization-maintaining fiber laser based on SESAM passive mode-locked technology. The stable linearly polarized picosecond laser output can be achieved through the optimized optical path, which is highly reliable and maintenance-free. This laser can be used for scientific research or as the seed laser for the high power industrial grade ultrafast pulsed fiber laser.


• SAM passive mode-locked all PM fiber design 
• Narrow spectral width<1nm
• Robust and compact 
• 10~50ps pulse width, MHz repetition rate
• Low amplitude noise
• Maintenance-free operation


• Seed laser for fiber laser or amplifier
• Time precision detection 
• Test and measurement
• R&D


Ordering  Information

·VFLP-1064-M-ps-FA: 1064nm Picosecond Mode-locking Fiber Laser (Seed Laser)
·VFLP-1064-M-ps-PA-FA: 1064nm Picosecond Mode-locking Fiber Laser   (Seed Laser + Pre-amplifier)
·M: Module


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